Arrest Warrant Search | Find Out If You Have A Warrant For Arrest

3 ways of doing an arrest warrant search

Avoid trouble and unnecessary expense by discovering your active arrest warrants

When did you last check to see if you’ve got any outstanding arrest warrants? You’ve probably never even given it a thought but have you ever considered what might happen if there are any warrants out on you?

One day you will get a call and standing there will be a cop ready to take you in to jail.

You’ll go before a court who know that you were hunted down by the police. You may need time off work, more money than you want to part with in fines and a lot of upset.

Take a look at 3 methods that you can use to discover if you have warrants and save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress and expense.

You can have an arrest warrant and not know it

It’s so easy to get an arrest warrant nowadays and that’s the worst part – not knowing – If you could always be certain that you didn’t have a warrant then you could sleep easy at night but it isn’t that easy is it? Here are some ways that you might get a warrant:

  1. You forgot to pay a parking fine
  2. You forgot to pay a fine for a traffic offence
  3. You failed to do some community service
  4. You did your community service but the court was never informed of the fact
  5. You’ve had your identity stolen and the thief has committed a crime in your name

I bet that you can think of a lot more reasons than that why you might have a warrant but perhaps the most worrying one on the list is the identity theft problem. Identity theft seems to be getting more and more common and every increasing use of technology seems to make it more and more easy for the thieves to steal your details. If the thief then commits a crime they simply give the police your details and bam – you’ve got a warrant. Scary isn’t it?

Make an arrest warrant easy on yourself

Once you accept the sad fact that there is nothing that you can do to avoid arrest warrants completely the next best thing to do is make sure that you minimize the effect that a court order will have on your life. When you get a warrant you must immediately contact a lawyer and make appropriate arrangements to hand yourself in to the police in the correct way that your lawyer will advise.

Doing this will show to the court that you are genuinely trying to put things right and they will probably treat you better.

3 easy ways to do an arrest warrant search

The first method is not recommended but I include it just to warn you. The second method can be done for free but isn’t very reliable and will consume a lot of your time. The third one is just about the best you’re going to get. It’s quick, easy and

1. Ask a police officer – No don’t do this

This is arguably the most certain way of finding your arrest warrants, at least in the local state if not nationwide. The problem you will have with this method and the reason why I don’t suggest that you do it, is because it can get you arrested right away. The moment that the officer knows that you have an active warrant he or she can decide to arrest you on the spot and you will give up the advantage that you might have had from handing yourself in voluntarily.

2. Take a trip to the courthouse

This will work ok if you know the area where you might have picked up an active arrest warrant. Make a visit to the courthouse and ask. They will tell you if there are any warrants outstanding and it’s unlikely that you’ll get arrested for it. But what if there is a warrant for you in a different state? It could happen, especially if someone has stolen your identity and committed a crime in your name.

This is by far the easiest and most convenient way of staying ahead of the cops. Do an arrest warrant search while watching tv at home in the evening.

3. Subscribe to a top-rate online public records database

Go online and subscribe to a public records database. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to search for your arrest warrants whenever you want and as often as you want. You can also search to see if your family and friends have any warrants too.

You don’t need to worry about getting yourself arrested when you use one of these services to find your warrants because most of the better sites are totally confidential. No one needs to know that you’ve been searching and no one else will see your results so it’s quite safe.

If you find that you have an active warrant out on you go and get a lawyer as soon as possible to help you to give yourself up and get it all sorted out. It’s a lot better than getting yourself arrested.

Arrest Warrant Search – Find Out If You Have A Warrant For Arrest

Start searching for arrest warrants now

Author: Steve Gee

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